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Natureza e Meio Ambiente / 12/03/2021

Amazon Rainforest must condition Biden's support to Brazil in the OECD, proposes entity

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Amazon Rainforest must condition Biden's support to Brazil in the OECD, proposes entity

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Human Rights Watch asks the Joe Biden government to condition any US support to Brazil's membership of the OECD on concrete results to protect the Amazon, including with regard to violence against activists, environmentalists and indigenous peoples. In a letter to John Kerry, the United States Special Envoy for Climate, the organization presented suggestions on how the White House should act in the face of Brazil's environmental challenges. One is still for Biden not to depend only on Bolsonaro and to establish cooperation and money directly for state governors.

Kerry met with Brazilian ministers two weeks ago and the two governments decided to hold technical meetings to assess how a cooperation could take place. Planalto, however, used the meeting to say that any approach will have to rely on resources the United States to help protect the forest. In the letter, however, the entity that serves as one of the main references in the world in the field of human rights asks Biden to communicate to the Bolsonaro government that, in order to guarantee US support for Brazil's accession to the OECD, it will be essential that the Brazilian government demonstrate your ability to achieve substantial reductions in rates of deforestation and impunity - or, worse, as a backbone for policies that benefit the violent criminal networks that threaten the forest and the people who live there, "they insist.

For Human Rights Watch, "the biggest obstacle to saving the Amazon today is the Bolsonaro government itself". "Since taking office in 2019, the government has sabotaged the country's environmental agencies, intimidated and marginalized civil society organizations, and sought to weaken the rights of indigenous peoples who play a vital role in preserving the forest. These policies have practically given a signal. green to the violent criminal networks that drive much of the deforestation, resulting in a dramatic increase in illegal logging and fires ", they warn. For them, however, Biden should not cut aid. "On the contrary, it should reinforce the offer of international financing to help Brazil restore its ability to guarantee compliance with its own environmental laws and save its forest. At the same time, the US government should maintain strong diplomatic pressure on Bolsonaro, both both bilaterally and multilaterally, to face the crisis in the Amazon ", they suggest.

"We believe that this balanced approach can greatly benefit forest conservation efforts in Brazil", they say. "It will be up to Brazil to save its forest, but the United States can play a decisive role in putting pressure on the country's leadership to ensure that Brazilians committed to this urgent mission have the resources, protection and support they need to be successful" , they complete.

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