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Saúde / 17/09/2020

WHO says COVID-19 deaths will increase in coming months

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WHO says COVID-19 deaths will increase in coming months

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Director of WHO in Europe warns of the increase in deaths Covid-19 in the coming months, showing the complete lack of control of the pandemic even months after it started.

The Coronavirus pandemic remains out of control, and not only in Brazil, but the European continent is again seeing its infection and death rates rise again after a relative decline. And the trend is that the situation will worsen again according to the European representative of WHO (World Health Organization) Hans Kluge, the number of deaths should rise again considerably in the coming months.

“It will be harder. In October, in November, we will see a higher mortality, ”he declared in an interview with AFP.

The statement seems contradictory if we look at the reality that workers are facing in all the countries hardest hit by the pandemic at the moment. Contrary to what it appears to be, what really happens is that the pandemic is still in full swing and there is no control over what is happening, the false illusion that we are finally overcoming the problem and that we are controlling its progress is not really it goes demagogy so that everything returns to normal as quickly as possible and that governments do not have to fulfill their obligations to provide workers with survival in the midst of the crisis. At the beginning of the pandemic, after the false social isolation in which only part of the workers can stay at home, the pressure on the total opening of the economy ended up being overcome, commerce, bars, restaurants, among many other establishments opened their doors again. without any proven security, after all the pandemic had not even reached its peak and was not under control. Deaths continued to happen and the numbers hit record levels day after day, but the mood in most Brazilian cities is that everything was in its normal stage, workers were and continue to be forced to expose themselves to risk and death to keep their bourgeois profits, while banks earned more than R $ 1 trillion public coffers in the first quarter of the pandemic alone.

The increase in deaths in the coming months by Covid-19 raises another warning regarding reopening: the pressure being put on back to school around the world. Some countries have already resumed face-to-face school activities and the result is already catastrophic, teachers and students ended up becoming infected in the school environment, apart the risk that children and adolescents may also offer to more vulnerable family members when they come into contact with the virus and leading to the house. The return to school at this time of the pandemic and with not very encouraging forecasts is a real madness and a way to condemn young people, teachers and an entire school community to a real genocide. And this pressure for the classes to return is not due to concern with the children's schedule and learning, but with all the damage that the interruption of classes represents to the entire production chain, that is, once again the real concern is in the capital and capitalist profits.

Another WHO statement that is important to highlight is the vaccine, which reinforces the discourse that everything should return to normal. Even warning of the increase in deaths in the coming months, Kluge said that the vaccine does not mean the end of the pandemic and that we must "learn" to live with it.

“I listen all the time:‘ the vaccine will be the end of the epidemic ’. Certainly not ... The end of this pandemic will be the moment when, as a community, we learn to live with it. And it depends on us. It is a very positive message. ”, He declared, thus legitimizing the speech that everything should return to normal.

If the vaccine does not mean an end to the pandemic or at least a major control of it, what do workers expect in the future? This declaration is only in line with bourgeois interests that, even before a possible cure arrives and also after its arrival, we must get used to living with the pandemic, as if it were something eternal and irreversible. It’s inhumane to think that we should get used to spikes in deaths and seeing several workers losing their lives because nothing really concrete is being done in most countries, and all this in the name of capital and the defense of non-working class interests, after all, everything that is being done has only benefited the bourgeoisie and big financial capital.

The working class needs in this economic and health crisis to organize itself so that their rights and their survival are guaranteed, a mobilization against back to school, against irresponsible openings and against the bourgeois policy that workers pay for the crises caused by the bourgeoisie, either financially or with their own lives.

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